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Gouda and Prank are up next!

And so, today marks the day where the Sketch Battle between me and Pyroman comes to an end with an epic six page response from me! It's been such a great expreience battling you ya, Pyroman! Hopefully we can do it again in the future or something. >:{D

Speaking of Pyroman, many thanks to Pyroman for creating the new banner for the webcomic as well as a page of past sketch battles along with the graphics also by pyroman. I can't thank him enough for his awesome contributions and can't compliment him enough for his amazing sketch battling skills.

Anyways, in order to view past sketch battles click of the "Past Stories" button for the website's navigation bar thingy at the top.

So the new contestants that have signed up to be on the waiting list is Jokerine and RedRingo! They will be added as authors along with Midori and Darknlight.

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