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No more contestants until the end of the first battle!

Since we already have three sketch battles waiting to begin I thought that perhaps having too many sketch battles pre-organized may present with some problems so as of now no more contestants will be allowed to take part of the sketch battle until the end of the battle between Pyroman and me.

I can already tell that it's gonna be a pretty long wait until even Gouda and Prank begins their battle and even longer for Contemplating and Sonic-ock.

So the maximum number of battles to be pre-arranged would be three. No more, no less.

If any of the people that would be participating in the future battles think that by the time it gets to be their turn to battle but find themselves to be busy for a prolonged period of time or something, PM me to let me know that you may not be able to take part of your sketch battle.


- Posted by faceofdoomness on December 23rd, 2008, 12:36 am    -   0 comments

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