Battle Schedule:

Current Battle: Darknlight VS MidoridislikesSJ

Future Battles:
2nd: Jokerine VS RedRingo
3rd: Oblivion12 VS Omegaark10
4th: Tailsgod VS Ethrildragoni
5th: Imi VS MakinSushi
A lot of people have been wanting to know how to apply, and so here's how this all goes down:

  1. When enough battles have been completed FaceofDoomness or Pyroman will announce that there are openings.
  2. To sign-up you must post in this thread. Don't post in the comments, you will be ignored.
  3. It is always first come, first served. No exceptions. Signups will only continue until all places have been filled (which is usually within a very, very short amount of time).